Friday, June 24, 2016

Brightening Brightmoor-One More Post!

                Hi Mom and Dad (Mrs and Mr. Hykin) and Dad (Mr. Baum)  This is Ellie and Natalie H. We have had a great time this week. Let’s start with Sunday. We got to go to church, but before that, we had to serve breakfast. During the service, we had to go to Sunday school. We split into two groups and one of them was fun (Natalie) and the other was really awkward (Ellie). Also that night, we had a concert. The next day we got to go to “The Blue Building” pulling weeds and chopping down trees. It was a lot of work and really hard.  That same day, we got to play with some little kids named Kaden and Kayla. They were really cute. Then we went to finding Dory. It was a great movie. The next day, we got to I mean “had to” pick up trash. It was really gross and you’d be surprised by what people throw away. The first part was better. Then we went to the church to serve dinner, then hang for a while before bed. Then later, we got to play with the kids again, but different kids this time. We got to face paint, blow bubbles, jump rope, play on the playground and more. It was really fun. Later that day, we went to the Tigers game. But before we left, we got face paint. Also we had signs and were so close to getting on the jumbo TRON. The game was fun, Tigers won. Also, I (Natalie) got a shirt and we all got some food. It was very fun. Then at this point, It’s Wednesday. We’re leaving tonight. Right now, were eating bacon, eggs, waffles, sausage and cereal. Well see you all when we get back.                                                   

                                                                Love,   Ellie and Natalie H.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dominican Team Pic!

DR Trip Update- Great Last Work Day!

Hey no student posts tonight but check out our Instagram (@thornapplestudents) and Facebook for a group pic after our last morning of construction! Expect plenty of dirty laundry ;-)

Tomorrow is a rest and recovery day. We will be going to the beach, snorkeling, doing a bit of touristy things and enjoying some good food before heading back to los Estados Unidos!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brightening Brightmoor in 3 Perspectives!

Hi Mom and Dad!  I fixed a mower the other day.  I had to empty the bad gas out and get some new gas in it.  The blade kept getting pinned in with all the grass because it was too thick and I had to clean it out a bit.  I like fixing things.  I had the fastest pitch out of all the kids at the Tiger’s game tonight.  It was 49 mph.  I love being in the court yard and pitching into the tires.  Love, Luke

This is news channel 21 reporting for duty your host is Ethan VanderWeide bring you some news updates on today’s report. Today we swept a street it was really hard in the heat and I did not get the same amount of chances to keep hydrated as I did yesterday But I tried to keep working.  My quality work sort of went down at the dump because one it was gross two I had a bad headache three I was really tired and four people were like Ethan fill up the basket and I tried but I was just so tired grossed out that I felt like it was the type of work out that I felt like my body couldn’t handle after that though I had a good day we even got to go to the Tigers .vs. The Mariners game and good news the tigers won we got back 11ish and I am writing this about 12ish and ya that’s about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Nick from Detroit. Today worked on cleaning up a street. On one side we took out all the trash between the sidewalk and the road and on the other side we cleaned a large pile of trash up. Then in the afternoon we played with a bunch of kids and unloaded a truck full of food for the church. After that we went to the Tigers vs. Mariners game and the Tigers won 4-2. Overall I think we had a good day working and having fun. PS: Love you Mom and Dad!

Make sure you ask your kids about the sword fight!

Another before and after!